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The Pall Ring Company Invests In Further Machinery

With the increase in demand for low cost high quality random tower packings in plastics materials, the Pall Ring Company has recently installed a further two high output injection moulding units to ensure the current surge in demand is met. These two new additions are more eco-friendly using less than half the power requirements of previous units.

The range of Pall Rings & other random packing systems now available include sizes from 16mm diameter to 90mm diameter in Polypropylene, PVDF, PVCu and CPVC together with a range of Bio media packings.

Currently AstraPAK® (equal to Snowflake) is in high demand, with an order for 600 cubic metres being completed for a job in Saudi Arabia. This packing allows both high gas and liquor flows with very low pressure drop.

AstraPAK® is available in polypropylene, HDPE, glass filled polypropylene and PVDF. It is 90mm diameter x 30mm in thickness and is supplied in either 100 litre bags or 1 cubic metre bulk bags.

The Pall Ring Company also offered a complete service of tower internals including custom designed distributors, gas injection support plates and redistributors in Polypropylene, HDPE, PVDF, PVCu, CPVC, stainless steel and other metals. The company has an “in house” computer design facility to optimise designs all internals are specifically designed for your application.

With over half the current production destined for export markets, the Pall Ring Company anticipates further expansion during the third quarter of 2006 and is currently building a new production facility.

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