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Bed Limiters

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Technical Information

Performance Considerations

For 1” and larger packings, the bed limiter, in its simplest form, consists of a grid of flat bars welded to a ring. The spacing of the bars determines the percent open area. The normal pressure drop across this type of bed limiter is less than 75 Pa.

All types of bed limiters can be supplied in sections to allow easy installation through access manways.

Additional support beams should be considered in larger towers to provide the necessary structural support.

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Quick Enquiry

product information

A bed delimiter is an essential component of any packed tower.

Its position inside the tower, directly above a randomly packed bed, confines any upward movement of packing.

Maintaining a level top surface on the bed is important, especially if the vapour load is sufficient to fluidise the top of the bed under certain conditions. Packing lifted up towards the distributor affects both liquid and vapour distribution and increases entrainment.

Bed limiters can be fabricated and supplied in a range of thermoplastics, stainless steel and alloys.

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