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Packing Support Plates

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Technical Information

The support place is constructed with separate passageways for the gas and the liquid. A series of slotted or perforated beams allow the gas to flow upwards through those openings that are located physically higher than the ones which the liquid flows downwards through, at the base of the plate.

Typically, this type of support plate will offer an open area equivalent to 95-100% of the cross-sectional area of the tower. The plate must have sufficient strength to retain and support the packed bed on it, including any liquid hold-up and trapped solids or fouling.

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product information

A random packed bed is held on a Packing Support Plate.

The essential attributes of the support plate are to have a high percentage of open area so as to not inhibit the capacity of the tower.

This allows the unrestricted counter-current flow of both liquid and vapour through it.

A support plate can be supplied in sections to allow easy installation through access manways. It is usually installed on an internal ring or support ledge.

Additional support beams should be considered in larger towers to provide the necessary structural support.


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