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Knitted Pad Type Mist Eliminator

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Technical Information

Performance Considerations

The vapour velocity through an eliminator is dependent on its cross sectional area, which in turn is set by the tower diameter. This area is dependent on the tower capacity, operating temperature and pressure and the allowable pressure drop.

Under normal operating conditions, standard designs provide efficient separation for droplets down to 2 microns in size with a removal efficiency of over 99% achieved with a pressure drop of less than 250 Pascals.

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Quick Enquiry

product information

Mist eliminators are an essential element in many packed tower systems.

In many process operations, the removal of liquid droplets entrained in vapour streams is essential in order to prevent process or environmental contamination.

In a mist eliminator, the principle behind its operation is based on having a large number of tiny obstacles to intercept entrained droplets of liquid in a vapour stream. These obstacles must provide a minimum drop in pressure over the removal system.

High Efficiency, Low Pressure Drop

The Pall Ring Company can supply mist eliminators with extremely high free volumes (typically 98-99%) which have very high removal efficiencies and low pressure drops.

Available in a variety of materials

They can be fabricated in a range of thermoplastic materials, (including Polypropylene and PVDF), as well as from 316 stainless steel.

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