Products for mass transfer operations

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The Pall Ring Company, having invested very heavily in automation, manufactures some of the lowest cost quality random tower packings & internals available. To maintain our highly competitive pricing for the bulky and lightweight Random tower packings, transport can be expensive which will increase your delivered cost dramatically.

The Pall Ring Company have designed both bulk bags & palletised 100 litre bags to achieve the maximum possible load for both the standard articulated curtain sided vehicles and the ISO shipping containers; both being easy to load & handle.

The custom made Euro-bag will give you huge savings in transport costs. The special Pall Ring bulk Euro bags, being Euro pallet sizes, will completely fill shipping containers & the standard curtain side truck. When loading into the tower the bags can be lifted by the four lifting loops and have a pouring spout in the centre of the base to permit easy discharge.

With our shipping contacts worldwide, The Pall Ring Company arrange highly competitive shipping rates to all over the world. Allow us to remove the hassle and your shipping problems by delivering CIF to your nearest port. For road transport in UK & within European destinations, our highly developed transport network achieves very competitive rates.

The shrunk wrapped palletised 100 litre bags may be stored outdoors for up to 18 months providing the black ultra violet resistant polythene shrink wrap remains in place. Precautions to be taken to ensure the packages do not blow over. If the shrink wrap is removed or damaged the 100 litre bags are not ultra- violet resistant and should be stored indoors if prolonged storage is expected. The Euro bags are suitable for outdoor storage of 6 months only in northern regions and 3 months in tropical regions. Any prolonged storage must be indoors. Alternatively the bags must be covered to protect them for prolonged sunlight. Both types of packaging are unaffected by rain. The Euro bags may retain a small amount of rainwater, which must be taken into consideration when discharging into the tower.