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Other complementary services provided by The Pall Ring Company

Process Design

We can assist in the development of projects from preliminary exploration and feasibility studies through to the supply of detailed process design calculations (currently only available to purchasers of internals from The Pall Ring Company or against a letter of undertaking that The Pall Ring Company tower internals will be purchased).

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Packaging and Transportation

The Pall Ring Company, having invested very heavily in automation, manufactures some of the lowest cost quality random tower packings & internals available. To maintain our highly competitive pricing for the bulky and lightweight Random tower packings, transport can be expensive which will increase your delivered cost dramatically.

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Precision CNC Routing and Milling

The Pall Ring Company has large high speed CNC routing and milling equipment ideally suited for the manufacture of our various tower internals in a variety of thicknesses.

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Trickle Filter & Biological Media

In biological processes, the main concern is to maximise the surface area of the packing on which the bacteria inhabit, whilst maintaining open access for two-phase contact.

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