Precision CNC Routing & Milling

Complex 3D shapes & Custom Manufacturing

3D CNC Routing

The Pall Ring Company manufactures various types of launder trough & weir system in a range of thermoplastics by 3D CNC routing.

Our large high speed CNC routing and milling equipment is ideally suited for the manufacture of tower internals in various thicknesses.

Complex shaped components

We able to manufacture complex shaped components for numerous applications.

The machining of engineering and high chemical resistant plastics is a particular specialty.

Custom Manufacturing

Additionally the Pall Ring Company offers a custom manufacturing service.

Items as large as 2 metres wide with lengths of up to 10 metres and a thickness of up to 150mm are possible. Smaller components of only a few centimetres can also be commissioned. 

Large diameter flanges of up to 2 meters diameter and 150mm thick can be manufactured, fully machined.