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Technical Information

Performance Consideration

Developed to give maximum surface area for biological activity & with the 1:1 ratio will act as a random media and prevent stratification within the bed.

Having side windows and high voidage prevents blockage problems and gives excellent flow throughout the bed. Designed for single or two stage trickle filters achieving up to 95% BOD removal. Small ribs to assist in bacteriological growth.

Surface Area (m2/m3)100
Weight (Kgs) 50
Dimensions90mm x 90mm
Free Space96%
Temp Range0-90°C

Quick Enquiry

Quick Enquiry

product information

PallPAK100 is a random plastic bio-media.

It combines a high surface area for aerobic or anaerobic biological treatment of waste water with excellent liquid distribution and high voidage to maximise the efficiency of the treatment process.

It is ideal for both new & replacement media beds, increasing efficiency by replacing rock & other less efficient beds.

Additional Features

  • Low blocking tendency
  • High voidage ensures a flow pattern which gives continual contact between effluent & biomass
  • UV stabilised & chemically inert PP, immune to fungal or bacterial attack
  • Easy to ship


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