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Biological Media

In biological processes, the main concern is to maximise the surface area of the packing on which the bacteria inhabit, whilst maintaining open access for two-phase contact.Much of the random media currently in use is based on the original Raschig Ring. Even though this packing is cost-effective to produce, the internal surface contact is poor and it is susceptible to

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Koi-PAK is a biological carrying media specifically designed for use in aquariums & pond filters.

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Packing Support Plate

Packing Support Plates

Packing Support Plates are an integral part of a packing tower, supporting the tower packing bed and contributing to the performance of the mass transfer operation.

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New Biomedia (Biological Filter Media) designed to assist in various aerobic treatment and trickle filter applications.

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Raschig Rings

PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS OF RASCHIG RINGS • First generation packing type used in mass transfer processes • Comprises of a simple hollow cylindrical tube with a height : diameter (aspect) ratio of 1:1 • Proven, well-established and well-documented • Exceptional strength to weight ratio • Good resistance to fouling

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Pall Rings – Plastic

The innovative design of our Plastic Pall Ring tower packing significantly increases its performance in terms of throughput, efficiency and pressure drop.

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AstraPak Packing Media


The astraPAK® provides the lowest pressure drop of all our random plastic tower packing types and thanks to its distinctive structure it is also extraordinarily robust and resilient.

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The re-distributor is a key element of the packed tower, having the task of collecting and redistributing the liquid falling from an upper packed bed.

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