Products for mass transfer operations

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Trickle Filter & Biological Media

The Pall Ring Company is a manufacturer of Biomedia (Biological Filter Media) to assist in various aerobic treatment and trickle filter applications. Designed with a high surface area and high voidage, to maximise efficiency of the treatment process.


The Pall Ring Company is pleased to introduce its brand new product. PallPAK100 random plastic media combines a high surface area for aerobic or anaerobic biological treatment of waste water with excellent liquid distribution and high voidage.

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Aquariums & Ponds The aquarium & pond filter & bio media division – ‘Koi-PAK’ filter & biological carrying media. ‘Koi-PAK’ media is manufactured in polypropylene material with a density of 0.92 which gives the advantage for the media to remain buoyant which allows the bottom of the filter or reactor tank to remain free from media and help to prevent blockage.

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