Products for mass transfer operations

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Tower Packings

The Pall Ring Company produce a wide range of innovative random tower packing products, manufactured in the UK.

Pall Rings – Plastic

An advance on the Raschig Ring, the Pall Ring has similar cylindrical dimensions but has two rows of punched out holes, with fingers or webs turned into the centre of the cylinder, which significantly increases the performance of the packing, in terms of throughput, efficiency and pressure drop.

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Pall Rings – Stainless Steel, Alloys & Other Metals

PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS OF METAL PALL RINGS Capacity vs Pressure Drop • High loading & throughput / low pressure drop; • Good liquid / gas distribution and high mass transfer efficiency.

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The astraPAK provides the lowest pressure drop of all The Pall Ring Company’s random plastic tower packing types; The low DP / unit height of packed beds allows: a high tower capacity, which in turn allows for smaller column diameters and fans in new bespoke designs; a significant reduction in the unit’s energy consumption; The highly efficient 2-phase contact, even at low throughputs, yields a high separation performance and facilitates a reduced packed height in new bespoke designs; The high liquid volumetric capacity allows for smaller column diameter in new bespoke designs.

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I – Rings

PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS OF I-RINGS • 30% lower pressure drop than Pall Rings • Low liquid hold-up • It’s physical shape permits maximum randomness and minimum alignment • Advanced design gives it a high rate of liquid film surface renewal producing a high mass transfer rate, leading to a greater capacity and efficiency compared to other random packings; • Large number of contact points for homogenous distribution of liquid and gas • Facilitates shorter packed bed heights

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C – Rings

PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS OF C-RINGS Capacity vs Pressure Drop • Lower aspect ratio increase capacity and reduces pressure drop • Its preferential orientation in a packed bed with the cylindrical axis in the vertical plane, allows a free passage for gas to flow through it • The lower pressure drop and higher throughput enables a smaller column diameter and fan size to be specified in new installations • The highly exposed internal and external surfaces provide an efficient vehicle for liquid–gas contact, by multiple drip-points • Lower tendency to nest, which means less channeling and fewer dry spots Fouling • More resistant to fouling because a combination of its vertical alignment and open sides, allow any solids present to be flushed downwards through the packed bed.

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