Products for mass transfer operations

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Tower Internals

The Pall Ring Company is able to supply all the packing tower internals required for effective mass transfer operations.

Knitted Pad Type – Plastics or Metals

In many process operations, the removal of liquid droplets entrained in vapour streams is essential in order to prevent process or environmental contamination.

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A Re-distributor or helps optimise the performance of towers with multiple packed beds. It collects the liquid leaving an upper bed and distributes it in an even pattern over the bed below.

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Packing Support Plates

A random packed bed is held on a Packing Support Plate whose essential attributes are to have a high percentage of open area so as to not inhibit the capacity of the tower and to allow the unrestricted counter-current flow of both liquid and vapour through it.

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Liquid Distribution Systems

Please find liquid distribution systems in our catalogue on PAGE 26 At The Pall Ring Company we are able to provide our customers with an extensive range of liquid distribution systems.

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Bed Limiters

A bed delimiter is positioned inside the tower, directly above a randomly packed bed to confine any upward movement of packing.

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