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Pall Ring Company Increases Output

Due to ever increasing demand for tower media random packings & Bio Media the Pall Ring Company has recently purchased the latest high efficiency 90 tonne capacity injection moulding machine to add to their already large bank of plastic moulding machines

As PallPAK 100 has become very popular as Bio Media in anaerobic digesters, trickle filters, aerobic treatment and gas scrubbing, an urgent increase in output was necessary. PallPAK 100 is moulded in virgin polypropylene to ensure a high resistance to oxidation & resistance to break up within digesters which is being seen in many applications. The latest production facility has an output of over 15 cubic metres per day.

The equipment will also produce 10 cubic metres per day of the Pall Ring’s astraPAK, the well proven random media for gas scrubbing & VOC stripping towers equivalent to the traditional Snowflake. With additional tooling this will give the Pall Ring Company an output of over 15 cubic metres per day in both homopolymer & copolymer polypropylene, high density polyethylene and PVDF.

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